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These scrubby soaps are made with honey soap and have a  natural loofah built in. Natural loofahs are great for exfoliation and many use them regularly to wash their bodies. 

Natural loofahs can be very rough for some skin types and these might be best for some only on those rough areas such as feet, elbows, or knees. 

Scrubby Soap

  • Scrubby soaps are made with honey soap, caster oil, and grapeseed oil. A natural loofah is cut into a round and placed in the center of each soap. Soaps are packaged in shrink wrap to hold the shape.

    Know how the product is scented: Items scented with Fragrance Oil will have FO beside the scent. Items scented with Essential Oils will have EO beside the scent.

  • Shipping typically takes 3-5 business days for small orders and 7-10 business days for larger orders. All orders are handmade and packaged with care. All shipping is done through USPS. If there are any questions regarding shipping please email the company at We will be happy to answer the questions.

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